The Future of Security Technology: portier at the ELF Convention 2024

The ELF Convention 2024 in Düsseldorf was a significant event for the security and locking technology industry. From May 2 to 4, professionals gathered to discuss the latest innovations, trends, and developments. This year, the focus was on harmonizing traditional mechanical systems with digital innovations—a theme central to portier’s activities.


Event Overview

The convention kicked off with exciting factory tours at our industry partners BKS and CES, followed by a visit to the German Lock and Fittings Museum.

On 3 and 4 May, the main events took place in Düsseldorf, featuring a comprehensive exhibition and a series of seminars covering a wide range of topics from mechanical locking techniques to the latest digital access solutions.

portier’s Role and Contributions

A highlight for us was the presentation “Modern Lock System Management – Unlock Tomorrow: The Vision of portier,” which garnered great interest and positive feedback. We effectively demonstrated how portier integrates traditional security technologies with advanced digital solutions to create a safer, more efficient, and user-centric future.

We also seized the opportunity to forge new partnerships and strengthen existing ones. Notably, we engaged with innovative players like SimonsVoss and Salto Systems while maintaining strong ties with traditional companies such as Abus, DOM, dormakaba, EVVA, Wilka, Winkhaus, and CES. At the expo, we also established valuable connections with mechanical heritage companies like Assa Abloy, BKS, and Thirard, with whom we hope to expand our partnerships.

Key Insights from portier

  1. Innovation and Tradition: portier showcased how integrating digital technologies can enhance the efficiency and security of traditional mechanical systems.
  2. Future-Oriented Solutions: Our plans for cloud-based security solutions were met with great interest. We emphasized that Version 5 remains available for clients relying on server-client solutions, while also highlighting the advantages of our forthcoming SaaS solutions.
  3. Partnership and Collaboration: The positive feedback from new and existing partners reinforces our commitment to advancing the industry through collaboration and joint innovation.

Highlights and Memorable Moments

A standout highlight was the gala dinner on the MS RheinGalaxie. In a relaxed atmosphere, we engaged in deeper conversations and discussed our visions for the future of security technology. The feedback and enthusiasm from our counterparts confirmed that we are on the right track.

Value of the ELF Convention

The longstanding partnership between interkey (40 years) and ELF (60 years) underscores the high value of the annual ELF Convention for international exchange and industry development. This convention is an indispensable platform for knowledge transfer and networking.


The ELF Convention 2024 once again demonstrated that harmonizing traditional and digital security technologies is key to a secure and efficient future. portier stands as a pioneer in this transformation, continuously setting new standards through innovation and partnership.

Call to Action

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Closing Remarks

Thank you for your interest and support. Together, we are shaping the future of security technology.

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