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Discover the future of lock management with ‘portier’s advanced software solutions. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern facilities, our products promise unparalleled efficiency, security, and convenience.

Product Overview

‘portier’ offers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline your lock management process. Our flagship products, ‘portier Vision’ and ‘portier Plan’, are engineered for excellence, catering to the nuanced demands of businesses and institutions alike.

Our robust lock management software comes in three versions—Standard, Plus, and Profi—each designed to accommodate different scales of operation and complexity, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every organization.

A strategic complement to ‘portier Vision’, this planning tool simplifies the order and management of locking systems, making it easier for dealers and corporations to oversee their assets efficiently.

  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify the management of your locking systems with intuitive interfaces and powerful functionalities..
  • Enhanced Security:
    Elevate your security protocols with sophisticated management tools that offer greater control and oversight.
  • Operational Flexibility:
    From issuing new keys to managing access rights, ‘portier’ adapts to your changing needs effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive Support:
    Benefit from our extensive onboarding, training, and conversion services, designed to ensure you get the most out of your ‘portier’ experience.

Use cases


City of Riverside Council


The City of Riverside Council struggled with managing access to multiple facilities across the city, including administrative buildings, recreational centers, and public service facilities. They needed a solution that could handle a complex hierarchy of access levels and streamline the issuance and revocation of keys.

Solution with 'portier Vision':

By implementing ‘portier Vision’, the City of Riverside Council centralized its lock management system. The software enabled them to easily assign and revoke access rights, significantly reducing the administrative burden. ‘portier Vision’ facilitated the management of access levels for various user groups, ensuring city employees had appropriate access to the facilities necessary for their roles.


Improved security across city facilities, enhanced operational efficiency in managing access rights, and a significant reduction in time spent on administrative tasks related to key management.


Grandview Medical Center


Grandview Medical Center required a sophisticated system to manage access to sensitive areas such as patient records, medication storages, and research labs. They needed a flexible yet secure system to accommodate shifts, temporary staff, and varying access levels for different departments.

Solution with 'portier Vision':

‘portier Vision’ was deployed to create a dynamic and secure access management system tailored to the hospital’s needs. The software’s ability to integrate with existing digital and mechanical locking systems allowed for a seamless transition. Customizable access profiles ensured that staff had access only to the necessary areas, based on their schedules and clearance levels.


Enhanced security of sensitive areas, adaptable access management for a dynamic hospital environment, and an audit trail for compliance and review.


Titan Industries


Titan Industries, a large manufacturer with extensive facilities, including production floors, warehouses, and R&D labs, faced challenges in managing access as they dealt with a high volume of employees, contractors, and visitors moving through different security zones.

Solution with 'portier Vision':

Implementing ‘portier Vision’ allowed Titan Industries to efficiently manage complex access requirements across its sprawling facilities. The introduction of a mobile app for digital key issuance streamlined the process for contractors and visitors, ensuring they had access only when and where needed. The enhanced reporting function allowed security managers to monitor access logs in real-time, adjusting permissions as necessary.


Streamlined operations with flexible, real-time access management, improved security compliance across various zones, and reduced overhead for the security team in managing and monitoring access rights.

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Elevate your ‘portier’ experience with our range of supplementary services. From seamless onboarding to expert training and efficient data conversion, our team is here to support your journey towards optimal lock management.
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‘portier Vision’ stands out due to its comprehensive, user-friendly interface and its versatility in managing both mechanical and digital locking systems. Our unique, manufacturer-independent approach allows for seamless integration with a wide range of lock systems, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in lock management.

Absolutely! We’ve designed ‘portier Vision’ to scale alongside your business. Upgrading from Standard to Plus or Profi is straightforward and can be done without disrupting your existing setup. Our team is here to ensure a smooth transition, allowing you to expand your system’s capabilities as your requirements evolve.

The ‘portier’ mobile app brings convenience and efficiency to your fingertips by allowing digital signatures for key issuance directly on your smart device. It facilitates the remote management of physical keys, making the handover process more flexible and secure. With the app, you can take ‘portier’ wherever you go, ensuring you have access to your lock management system anytime, anywhere.

At ‘portier’, we’re committed to ensuring our clients maximize the benefits of our solutions. We offer comprehensive onboarding, including full-day and half-day on-site training sessions, as well as online training blocks. Additionally, our support team is readily available via a free hotline and email to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring you have the support you need when you need it.

Data privacy and security are paramount at ‘portier’. As we transition to cloud-based solutions, we are implementing state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols to protect all data. Our cloud infrastructure is designed to comply with the strictest data protection regulations, ensuring that your information remains secure. Furthermore, we continuously monitor and update our systems to address emerging security threats, keeping your data safe at all times.

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