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Experience unparalleled efficiency and innovation in lock system management with ‘portier® Vision’, the ultimate solution for securing your facilities and assets.

Product Overview

‘portier® Vision’ revolutionizes the way you manage access and security across your infrastructure. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, ‘portier® Vision’ offers seamless integration with both mechanical and digital locking systems, making it the perfect choice for businesses and institutions of all sizes. Explore our Standard, Plus+, and Professional versions to find the perfect fit for your security needs.

Standard Version:

Ideal for smaller facilities, offering comprehensive management of one locking system and up to 500 cylinders. Simplify your security with ease.

Plus+ Version:

A step up for growing operations, manage up to three locking systems and 1,000 cylinders, adding flexibility and scalability to your security strategy.

Professional Version:

The ultimate solution for large-scale operations, with unlimited management of locking systems and cylinders, ensuring no security detail is overlooked.

Compare Our Versions

Easily compare the features of our Standard, Plus+, and Professional versions using our clear, responsive comparison matrix. Tailor ‘portier® Vision’ to meet the specific demands of your security management, ensuring optimal efficiency and protection.

Program Featuresportier® vision
portier® vision
portier® vision
Number of locking systems managed
(all manufacturers possible)
Number of cylinders
(total, across all systems)
SQL Server usedFirebird 4Firebird 4 alternatively MS_SQLFirebird 4 alternatively MS_SQL

Optional for “Plus” and “Pro” available: “business package”: enables the use of a Microsoft SQL Server from MS SQL 2017 onwards, includes all necessary scripts for generating an MS SQL database. Additional benefits at no extra charge, such as a consultancy day on-site. Contact us!

Rental price per month net plus VAT19,90 €42,50 €74,90 €
Automatic data backup
Time-limited issues
Data import of nearly all manufacturers,
by the user themselves
Defect notifications
Detailed history of all movements
Digital signatures (with additional hardware)
Electronic ordering system
Reminder for due returns
Copy-specific issues
(key + copy number)
Group key management, complete detailed information
Identification by customer-used transponders
(additional hardware)
Password protection
Personnel management with data import +
automatic synchronization
Receipt printing for key movements
(customizable layout)
Locking plan display
Sensitive keys for audits
Reading security cards (reader required)
Transfer of keys
Simplified access through "single sign on"
Loss reports
Cylinder management, including installation history
User management, different rights through role profiles
Depot management with permissions,
user-dependent possible
Print outputs freely definable (Reports)
Advanced copy functions
Form selection
Dealer management
Multilingual (D, NL, UK, E, F, PL, CZ, SK)
Network-capable as a real client-server (TCP/IP)
Locking plan creation
Keys & key rings, pending issues (floating)
Key issues with time zones
Key ring management, also across different systems
Key search across objects
Search & replace across almost all fields, also filtered
Approval process (via web services)
ID printing, with staff photo and more,
rights controlled
Connection of DEISTER key cabinets
Facilities and buildings can be completely hidden
Reading and integrating electronic locking systems
Building plans can be deposited,
Information and issues directly in / from CAD plan
Deposit management
Separate key carriers by location

Network Rights:

The versions portier®vision Plus and portier®vision Pro include the right to operate an unlimited number of clients at the same location (same postal code)!

Discover how ‘portier® Vision’ has transformed security management for our clients, from municipal councils to university hospitals and large manufacturers. Real stories, real success – see how ‘portier® Vision’ can make a difference.

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