Streamline Your Lock Management with portier® Plan

Simplify your security strategy with ‘portier Plan’, the ultimate tool designed to enhance efficiency and precision in lock management for dealers and large corporations alike.

Software Overview

‘portier Plan’ integrates seamlessly with ‘portier Vision’, offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines the management and ordering process across multiple client locations or for businesses with extensive security needs. This powerful software supports all systems from any manufacturer, making it a versatile tool for managing:

All facilities across all manufacturers

Every client with numerous delivery addresses

Processes including setup, expanpsion, reordering, and lock planning

Security cards, documents, and files management

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Key Features
and Benefits

Manufacturer Agnostic:
Manage installations from any manufacturer within one platform, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.
Comprehensive Client Management:
Handle all your clients’ details, including unlimited delivery addresses, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.
Seamless Order Management:
From new installations to expansions and reorders, manage every aspect of your locking systems with ease.
Digital Adjustments & Integration:
Make digital adjustments based on deliveries and ensure seamless integration with manufacturer systems for a streamlined workflow.
Document and File Management:
Keep all security cards, documents, and files organized and accessible, simplifying documentation processes.

Discover the user-friendly interface and functionalities of ‘portier Plan’ through our interactive demos or detailed video tutorials. See firsthand how ‘portier Plan’ can revolutionize your lock management process.


Got questions about ‘portier Plan’? Our FAQ section addresses common concerns, from setup and integration with ‘portier Vision’ to technical requirements, helping you understand how ‘portier Plan’ fits into your security management strategy.

Yes, ‘portier Plan’ is designed to be manufacturer-agnostic, allowing you to manage installations across any manufacturer.

‘portier Plan’ seamlessly integrates with ‘portier Vision’, enhancing its utility by providing a comprehensive platform for both dealers and businesses managing multiple clients or locations.

Yes, ‘portier Plan’ is available as a rental solution, ensuring you always have access to the latest updates, with maintenance and care included.

Unlock a more efficient, streamlined approach to lock management with ‘portier Plan’. Contact us today to learn more or request a demo, and take the first step towards optimizing your security strategy.