Our Extended Leadership Team

Meet the dynamic team and esteemed advisory board behind ‘portier’. Together, they combine deep industry expertise with strategic foresight, driving ‘portier’ towards innovative horizons with professionalism and a touch of personal flair. Our team’s passion and the advisory board’s wisdom collectively shape our path forward.

Michael Stuer,

With a visionary approach and relentless drive, Michael leads ‘portier’ with strategic foresight, ensuring we stay ahead of technological trends and market demands.

Thomas Naeser,
Customer Success Lead

Thomas is dedicated to ensuring every ‘portier’ user experiences seamless service and support, embodying our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Shaunak Bhat,
Development Lead

Shaunak spearheads our development team, blending innovation with precision to enhance ‘portier’s software solutions.

Erdzan Rastoder,
Web and Mobile Lead

Erdzan drives ‘portier’s expansion into web and mobile platforms, creating intuitive and accessible applications for our users.


Georg Stüer,
Founder and Industry Expert

As the founder of ‘portier’, Georg brings decades of industry experience, offering invaluable insights to guide our strategic direction and innovation.

Christian Stüer,
Strategic Advisor

Christian provides strategic advice to ‘portier’, drawing on a rich background in business and technology to steer ‘portier’ towards new opportunities and growth.

Connect with Us

Our journey is powered by our team’s dedication and enriched by our advisory board’s strategic insights. If you’re interested in exploring collaborations, career opportunities, or wish to learn more about our products and services, we invite you to connect with us. Together, let’s unlock the future of security and efficiency.