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Program Features


portier® plus

portier® profi

Network: 1 license covers all installations at one site!
No. of locking systems administered




No. of locks
(total, across all systems)




Performance features
Automatic update (online, selectable)
Limited hand-out (for limited period)
Import of data from almost all major manufacturers
Damage reports
Detailed history of movements
precise hand-outs (key + sample no.)
Same-key locks supported
Administration of group keys
Systems and buildings statistics
Shared-key locks supported
Online error checking and support
Password protection

Personalverwaltung mit Datenimport (CSV)

Staff administration with data import (CSV)
Depository movements including receipt prints
Preview of locking plan
Printing of locking plan
On-site training and support available
Reading of security cards (card reader required)
Loss reports
Centralized lock supported
Administration of cylinders
Powerful query function
Hand-out requires signature or PIN
Administration of users
Depository movements including receipt print
Administration of depositories protected by authorization
user definable print hand-outs (reports)
Competence levels for key holders and users
Multiple languages (German, Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovak) 1 Language
Networking capability through true client-server architecture (TCP/IP)
Staff data alignment, also on permanent basis
Staff photo capture via TWAIN interface
Logging of data modifications (log file, selectable)
Locking plan preview filter
Generation of locking plan
Key rings, pending hand-outs
Key with time zone
Administration of key rings, different system possible
Key search across objects
Maintenance of updates by separate privilege
Administration of dealers
ID card printing, controlled by privileges
Return to other depository
Storage of building plans,
e.g. Auto-CAD, DXF, DWG, JPG
Information and output directly from CAD scheme
Administration of objects with selective blocking
Key hand-outs directly from CAD scheme
Administration of depositories
Administration of locations
Simplified access by single-sign-on
Digital signatures (hardware requested)
Identification by RFID card possible

Versions (PDF)  PDF Download Price list and order form (PDF)  PDF Download