We offer a wide range of support options when using our software. For end users we offer training nationwide, also close to you. Please contact us if you would like a training for your company or need more information.

Training on site
One day rate: € 773,50 incl. taxes (+expenses)
Half day rate: € 505,75 incl. taxes (+expenses)

For larger organisations and buildings it is often necessary to develop a plan for the implementation of new software. We offer strategic advise and a day with one of our consultants who supports you through the process of planning the implementation, installing the software and eventually training your employees.

Strategy day:
Consultant fee per day: € 773,50 incl. taxes (+expenses)

As additional service we offer to determine the current status quo in your company and insert the data into our software portier®. Our partners record every cylinder with type description, number, model, etc. according to the actual conditions. Enquire today for our really attractive rates.

Retailers, who utilise our free software portier® plan and have been registered with us, we also offer training on site. Please contact us for discount rates based on our philosophy of a collaborative partnership directly on: +49 (0) 700-0-portier (+49 700-0-7678437).