Rental price per month net plus VAT19,90 €42,50 €74,90 €
Automatic data backup
Time-limited issues
Data import of nearly all manufacturers,
by the user themselves
Defect notifications
Detailed history of all movements
Digital signatures (with additional hardware)
Electronic ordering system
Reminder for due returns
Copy-specific issues
(key + copy number)
Group key management, complete detailed information
Identification by customer-used transponders
(additional hardware)
Password protection
Personnel management with data import +
automatic synchronization
Receipt printing for key movements
(customizable layout)
Locking plan display
Sensitive keys for audits
Reading security cards (reader required)
Transfer of keys
Simplified access through "single sign on"
Loss reports
Cylinder management, including installation history
User management, different rights through role profiles
Depot management with permissions,
user-dependent possible
Print outputs freely definable (Reports)
Advanced copy functions
Form selection
Dealer management
Multilingual (D, NL, UK, E, F, PL, CZ, SK)
Network-capable as a real client-server (TCP/IP)
Locking plan creation
Keys & key rings, pending issues (floating)
Key issues with time zones
Key ring management, also across different systems
Key search across objects
Search & replace across almost all fields, also filtered
Approval process (via web services)
ID printing, with staff photo and more,
rights controlled
Connection of DEISTER key cabinets
Facilities and buildings can be completely hidden
Reading and integrating electronic locking systems
Building plans can be deposited,
Information and issues directly in / from CAD plan
Deposit management
Separate key carriers by location